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AR-15 PRO #1 overview + mini jig (patent pending)

AR-15 PRO #2 Roll pin assist and front detent installation (patent pending)

Ruger 10-22 jig (patent pending)

AR-15 and Ruger 10-22 ONE TIME! lesser expensive jigs (patent pending)

GSG / Sig 1911-22 locked slide (patent pending)


Ruger Forearm w/AGP takedown gun


AR top drilling template


Heckler and Koch Class II drill-in jig for new builds from 80% 'flats'

Colt 1911 80% receiver jig

M1A to M14 Class II conversion kit (modifies only the rifle stock-not the semi receiver)

UZI 80% Class II drill in jig

Ruger 10-22 Class II select-fire trigger pack modification jig system is a Class II federally licensed manufacturer of all firearms including machineguns, suppressors, and short barrel rifles. designs, manufactures, and sells jigs, that finish 80% firearms for:

AK 47

AK 74

AR 15

Ruger 10-22 also designs, manufactures, and sells jigs that convert semi automatic firearms into fully automatic firearms for:

AR-15 to M-15

AK 47

AK 74

HK 90 series of rifles

The AR PRO jig system is a combination of both the drilling / machining fixture as well as a second assembly to assist and to protect the receiver with the installation of the 2 difficult roll pins for the bolt catch as well as the trigger guard for the forging style of AR-15 80% lowers.

Provisions have been made to aid in the installation of the trigger assembly (especially the select fire 4 position trigger group) as well as installing the pin, detent, and detent spring for the front pivot pin for the AR 15.  These items make these installations very easy.

All eight drilling holes for the trigger pin, hammer pin, safety, as well as the Class II auto sear holes are protected by hardened steel bushings for continual re-use.

This kit includes 3 different top plates; the first for standard milling of the AR15 fire control cavity, the second for a unique drilling sequence to evacuate the same area by using only drill bits, and the third to assist in both the trigger layout at the bottom as well as the Class 2 changes to the top to fully accommodate the autosear.

This manufacturing assembly system has a patent pending for use as an M16 production grade jig for those machine shops that do not yet have sophisticated CNC mills.